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seniors month

June is Seniors Month in Ontario

In February of this year, Bill 70 was passed to proclaim that the month of June be recognized as Seniors Month in Ontario.  “By proclaiming the month of June as Seniors Month, the Province of Ontario formally recognizes and celebrates the work seniors have done …

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CareTO piloting new model for LTC homes

The City of Toronto is piloting a new resident-centred program called CareTO which aims to improve care in long-term care facilities. In addition to increased staffing and changes in the way staff tasks are structured, the program allows residents to have more choices: in what they …

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Ontario Health Coalition

Ontario Health Coalition Day of Action

Concerned Friends participated in the Ontario Health Coalition Day of Action in Guelph on October 8 to create political pressure to expose the lack of action to improve care in long-term care and to push for an end to for-profit privatization of long-term care.

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