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Wayfinding Program

Trying to choose a long-term care facility? Looking for help in resolving a problem within a facility? We can help.

We have helped hundreds of families through our free Wayfinding Program.

Education & Resources

We offer education and resources on Ontario’s Long-term Care system.

Our goal is to help you understand and navigate the long-term care system.

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Our Mission Statement

Our vision is a system where individuals living in long-term care homes have access to health and support services that best meet their diverse needs. Where every person has a voice that is heard and rights that are respected. Where those being served feel safe, cared for, and part of a vibrant inclusive community. 

A central component of the work that Concerned Friends does is in amplifying the voices of residents and their families toward systemic change that improves standards and quality of care, but also in holding space for individuals and families to process, find hope, and feel resourced and empowered to take next steps on behalf of those in care.


Our Latest Success Story

Sherry called our hotline with concerns about her father’s roommate who was rearranging and taking his possessions in his shared long-term care room. As a result, her father was not sleeping at night which was affecting his health. Multiple complaints and calls to the home administrator were not getting results.

Our wayfinding volunteer spoke with Sherry and gave her a number of resources and ideas on what she could do to ensure this situation was resolved. Sherry appreciated having someone outside of the home administration to talk to for advice.

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