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It’s critically important to be informed on this issue. Visit our recent NEWS, sign up for our MAILING LIST, follow us on social media, and share the information and content we develop with your friends and family. Everyone at some point will be faced with the reality of senior care. Now is the time to stay informed on what is happening in Ontario in terms of options for care for our elderly population.

Become a Concerned Friends Member

Concerned Friends membership is open to the public and provides supporters with a way to become involved with the governance of the organization. Members are invited to participate in our Annual General Meeting where they hold voting rights. Find more information HERE.

Volunteer with us

From time to time, we are looking for additional committee members to join our volunteer ranks. We are looking for people who have a strong sense of volunteerism, who play a leadership role in the communities we serve, and who demonstrate some knowledge and interest in the long-term care sector. Making real and lasting change requires the contributions, expertise, and commitment of everyone – now is an exciting time to be part of that change. Click HERE to complete our volunteer application form.

Support us with a donation

Help support our efforts with a financial donation. We are 100% supporter funded with occasional small grants from community agencies. We are almost entirely volunteer-run with only one part-time staff person. Your donation can help us ensure our members’ voices are heard on issues relating to long-term care, and to help more families through our educational resources and Wayfinding Program. Donate now HERE.

How Your Support Helps

Amplifies the number of voices

Enables you to be ready when faced with elder care

We keep you informed on relevant government issues

Helps us help others through our Wayfinding Program

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