Annual Donor Campaign

Add Your Voice to Ours: Annual Donor Campaign

The Add Your Voice to Ours Campaign is our annual fundraising initiative that supports Concerned Friends’ efforts in wayfinding, outreach, and, education and advocacy. One-time and monthly donors will be contributing directly to further our work in these three key areas.

Why is this the time to support Concerned Friends?

The pandemic revealed to the world the changes that must happen to ensure our loved ones receive the quality care, dignity and respect they so deserve. And yet, the recent passing of Bill 7 enabled new powers to force seniors and persons with disabilities who are waiting in hospitals into long-term care homes against their choosing – a fundamental violation of their rights. Concerned Friends is needed now more than ever.

Our Strategic Priorities

Concerned Friends is a volunteer-run organization governed by a Board of Directors. A dedicated team of 25 volunteers and a part-time paid Operations & Communications Coordinator work together to deliver operational, policy and program activities that directly contribute to our organizational objectives.

As a donor, your financial contributions will fund:

  • coordination, resources and training of our Wayfinding Team – a dedicated group of volunteers who provide empathetic support to individuals and families seeking help and information in navigating the Long Term Care system in Ontario
  • management of our social media and outreach channels to ensure that those who need our support can find us
  • the development and distribution of public-facing resources that mobilize Ontario residents to use their voices in advocating for those living in Long Term Care homes and make recommendations to the government on existing or proposed policies
  • development and coordination of advocacy activities – which includes policy submissions, media outreach, communications with members, as well as managing collaborations with other sector orgs
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Our Accomplishments

Concerned Friends has a mission to advance the health and well-being of those living in long-term care homes across Ontario.

Over the course of the last four decades, Concerned Friends has been an instrumental part of mobilizing the public and the government to recognize the changing needs of Long Term Care residents, advocate for necessary reform and demand accountability.

We have  made numerous submissions to raise and broaden the scope of minimum legislative quality standards for long-term care facilities. Plus we have helped hundreds of Ontario seniors and their families navigate the long-term care system and find information and resources to address their issues, complaints and needs.

What is Wayfinding?

We offer a free service for prospective and current long term care residents and their families seeking information and support as they find their way through the Long Term Care System. This help is provided by trained volunteers who often have first-hand  experience or professional backgrounds in nursing, seniors advocacy and social work.

Wayfinding Piechart

Our Vision

Here’s what we are working toward.

Our vision is a system where individuals living in long-term care homes have access to health and support services that best meet their diverse needs; where every person has a voice that is heard and rights that are respected.

Those being served should feel safe, cared for and part of a vibrant inclusive community.

A central component of the work that Concerned Friends does is in amplifying the voices of residents and their families toward systemic change that improves standards and quality of care.

Equally important is the role we have and continue to play in holding space for individuals and families to process, find hope and feel resourced and empowered to take next steps on behalf of those in care.

There will always be a need for long-term care homes. As our population ages, that need will continue to grow.

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Ready to Donate and Add Your Voice to Ours?

Donate Securely Online

Please take some time to make a secure online donation by visiting our Canada Helps campaign page here or click on the image below. Tax receipts are automatically generated and emailed directly to you when you submit your donation. Please check your spam folder if they do not arrive in your primary inbox. If you’d prefer, you can also mail us a cheque by mail. See information further below.

Every donation helps and is greatly appreciated!

Cheque Donations by Mail

In order to receive a tax receipt, cheques must be made out to Concerned Friends. Please include a note with your full name and mailing address so we know where to send your receipt.

Please mail your cheque and information to the following address:
Concerned Friends
130 Merton St
Suite 600
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1A4

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130 Merton St, Suite 600
Toronto, ON M4S 1A4