A Small Donation Makes a Huge Difference

Did you know that there are over 78,000 Ontario residents living in Long-Term Care Homes? By 2033, this number is expected to swell by another 55,000 people.

Who are these residents?

They are mostly over the age of 75, require 24/7 nursing care and frequent assistance with daily activities. They are also poets and grandmothers, artists and woodworkers, retired teachers and construction workers—all are people with increased physical or cognitive challenges. Most of all, they are everyone…regular folks looking for respect and purpose in their daily lives. They are looking for safe and optimal care.

The need for high-quality, resident-centred long-term care is increasing every year. And the need to improve our current system has never been more pressing. The pandemic exposed long-standing flaws but also created momentum for change. That’s why Ontario needs advocates and helpers like Concerned Friends.

Why does Concerned Friends matter?

Concerned Friends is a charitable organization and an independent voice, raising public awareness and advocating for significant change to long-term care. We monitor government inspections and action, engage and comment on legislative changes, develop resources and education to the general public, and provide a free service to anyone who needs help navigating the Long-Term Care system.

How do we do all this?

Concerned Friends relies on support from our members and donors. Please consider making a donation so we can continue our important advocacy and support work. Consider adding your voice to ours.

Here are a few examples of how your dollars help….

Help support our vision for a system where individuals living in Ontario long-term care homes have access to health and support services that best meet their diverse needs. Where every person has a voice that is heard, and rights that are respected. Where residents feel safe, cared for, and part of a vibrant inclusive community.

Please take some time to make a secure online donation below. Tax receipts are automatically generated and emailed directly to you when you submit your donation. Please check your spam folder if you don’t see the receipt in your primary inbox. If you’d prefer, you can also mail us a cheque by mail. See information further below.

Every donation helps and is greatly appreciated.

Cheque Donations by Mail

In order to receive a tax receipt, cheques must be made out to Concerned Friends. Please include a note with your full name and mailing address so we know where to send your receipt.

Please mail your cheque and information to the following address:
Concerned Friends
130 Merton St
6th Floor
Toronto, Ontario M4S 1A4

Planned Giving

We invite you to explore the various ways you can leave a lasting legacy through planned giving. Your support ensures that Concerned Friends continues to advocate for residents in Long-Term Care for years to come. Learn more on our Planned Giving page.

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