A History of Concerned Friends

Concerned Friends began in 1980 when a group of concerned Ontarians met to discuss the lack of care in Long-Term Care Homes. In 1982 we were incorporated as a registered charity in Ontario and remain funded solely by supporter donations.

We are a volunteer-run organization governed by a Board of Directors with committees that work to support the Board in delivering on our strategic priorities. Our mission is to advance the health and well-being and enrich the experiences of those living in long-term care homes across Ontario – over 90% of which are 65 years and older.

board of directors
historical photo
CF founders J. Fussell, O. Mitchell, A McLennan & others protesting in 1984.
Meeting with PM
Olive Mitchell receives Seniors’ Achievement Award from Premier David Peterson in 1986.

The Basic Facts on Ontario Long Term Care

Long-Term Care Homes are residential homes for people with a variety of abilities and challenges: physical handicaps, developmental handicaps, elderly and frail, or people with psychiatric disabilities and dementias. Facilities range in size from 40 to over 400 beds, and can be licensed as for-profit, non-profit or municipally owned. They all receive funding from the government of Ontario, but require residents to pay a portion of the monthly costs.

Long-term care homes are accountable for the quality of care, programs and services provided to residents. Long-term care homes are also responsible for the management of public funds received for providing services to residents and the management of residents’ funds held in trust.

All licensed long-term care Homes are directly accountable to the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care. The Performance Improvement and Compliance Branch of the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care is responsible for monitoring, evaluation, and taking action to ensure compliance by all long-term care homes with all aspects of responsibility toward the Ministry

Long-term Care Homes act in accordance with:

  • Applicable Acts and regulations;
  • The service agreement between the facility and the Province of Ontario;
  • Ministry of Health policies and directives.

The Legislation that governs Long Term Care Homes in Ontario is known as the Fixing Long Term Care Act 2021.

Concerned Friends Advocacy

Through our Policy & Advocacy Committee, Concerned Friends identifies important issues in the long-term care home (LTCH) system and brings these issues to the attention of government officials. Each year, we submit letters and position papers to the Government outlining the key LTCH issues and possible solutions.

Prior to provincial elections, Concerned Friends provides resources and guides on questions to ask parties or local candidates. As a charitable organization, Concerned Friends is non-partisan and does not endorse a particular party or candidate. 

Concerned Friends’ Reviewer Program Team closely follows LTCH Inspection Reports and keeps our members apprised of accountability and trends.

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Our Mission

To advance the health and well-being and enrich the experiences of those living in long-term care homes across Ontario.

Our Vision

A system where individuals living in long-term care homes have access to health and support services that best meet their diverse needs.

Where every person has a voice that is heard, and rights that are respected.

Where those being served feel safe, cared for, and part of a vibrant, inclusive community.

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