2021 Inspections Report Card

For many years, Concerned Friends has been reporting on the government-mandated inspections within the 627 long-term care facilities located across Ontario. In 2021, the number of inspections completed (1,787) decreased slightly from the previous year (1,886). However, in both years, the number of inspections was significantly lower than 2019, by at least 28%. Although each of the seven Ministry’s service area offices (SAO’s) has responsibility for inspecting 85 to 90 homes, the number of inspections completed varies widely across SAO’s, by as much as 100% and range widely from year to year. Despite fewer inspections, the number of written notices, voluntary plan of corrections, and compliance orders increased. Our review team noted an increase in non-compliance related to Infection Protection and Control – an understandable focus during the second year of the pandemic. Many thanks to our team of Reviewers for their countless hours and insightful contributions. Click here to access the 2021 Inspections Report Card.

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