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The Ontario Provincial Election is fast approaching (Thursday June 2, 2022) and the good news is that long-term care is addressed in the platforms of all the major parties.
The bad news is that there is no consensus on how to fix this very broken system. Each party has articulated different strategies ranging from an emphasis on home care to more investments in large institutional care.
Will the next government act with urgency to address current inadequacies? Will it take action to solve the critical staff shortage? Will it increase funding so that all current facilities will meet regulated standards? Will there be accountability and fulsome inspections?
We encourage you to check out these platforms before casting your vote. They can be found at the following links:
Progressive Conservative Party: www.ontariopc.ca
New Democratic Party: www.ontariondp.ca
Liberal Party: www.ontarioliberal.ca
Green Party: www.gpo.ca
Please take a moment to refer to our Election Toolkit for more ideas about questions to ask your local candidates. Now is the time to stress that action on long-term care is a priority.
Concerned Friends continues to monitor what is happening in long-term care homes and what impact the new regulations are having on quality and resident health and safety.

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