Volunteer Spotlight: Laurie Nicol

Meet Laurie! Laurie is our Past President & Interim Treasurer. She is a Certified Association Executive with over 35 years’ leadership experience in the non-profit sector.

Laurie joined Concerned Friends to channel her passion for advocacy and to support the need for improving conditions in long-term care homes, founded upon her personal experience with parents struggling for dignity and adequate levels of care in a long-term care facility.

“Having had both parents live their final days in long-term care, my family experienced firsthand the challenges with the quality of care provided. Wanting to be part of an organization that was championing the need for change, I found Concerned Friends.

As media attention around long-term care these past three years begins to wane, it is our responsibility as citizens of Ontario to get involved and use our voice so that our aging loved ones live out their final time giving them the quality of life they deserve.”

Thank you Laurie, for your dedication to the work that we do at Concerned Friends!

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