Volunteer Spotlight: Miranda Priestman

miranda nursing

Today we put the spotlight on one of our dedicated volunteers, Miranda Priestman. Miranda is a long time volunteer and Past President of Concerned Friends. She is currently the St. Michael’s Hospital Nursing Education Manager. Over the last 5 years, she has worked as a Registered Nurse on the frontlines.

Why did you get involved with Concerned Friends?

“I got involved to help ensure that other individuals and their family members do not have the same [negative] experience as my aunt and know that high-quality care at LTC homes is possible. I had a LTC placement as a nurse in which I saw firsthand how the staffing shortages and charting focus of nurses impacted care. It left me feeling frustrated and seeking an organization to help bring about change that I knew was desperately needed.”

What keeps you hopeful for our LTC residents, workers and community?

“My grandmother’s positive experience in Long Term Care gives me hope. At work, I see the kindness, commitment and passion of healthcare workers and I feel inspired. I was filled with hope when I heard the Ontario government’s investment of $4.1 million to help train Personal Support Workers and passing of Bill 13 to establish a 4-hour minimum of care in Long Term Care homes.”

What do you love about your role with Concerned Friends?

“[I enjoy] meeting the volunteers. I am constantly reminded about the goodness in the world when I hear their passion and desire for change. Whenever they share their stories and experiences, I am in awe of their commitment to make the world a better place.”

Thank you Miranda and to all our volunteers for your dedication to Long-Term Care advocacy!

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